10 Best Free Bootstrap Templates

bootstrap templates

Bootstrap templates are well known recognized because the popularity of bootstrap framework.

Bootstrap framework is packed with clean CSS/CSS3 code with beautiful javascript function. It has all the features that one designer should could think. So basically the templates which are developed in bootstrap framework are consist all of his features. These bootstrap templates are responsive and compatible with all the browsers. Here I decided to collect some free bootstrap templates so all of you can start your work instantly without wasting time on searching templates.

Best Free Bootstrap Templates

In this article, we collected 10 best free bootstrap templates for your design purpose and project.


Studio - free bootstrap templates


Flatti - best bootstrap templates


Shopper - best bootstrap templates

Sell Anything

sell anything - bootstrap templates

Colorful Flat

Colorful Flat - bootstrap templates


Purpose - web design


siimple - web design

Landing page

Landing page - free templates


progressus - free templates

Minimal Theme

MINIMAL THEME - free bootstrap templates

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